With Augmented Reality

Maintenance-Repair and


With the equipment we have placed on the real world in 3D, you can perform your processes by meeting all quality requirements .


Our Augmented Reality Capabilities


Digitizing Instructions

We ensure that your written Maintenance-Repair or Assembly instructions are transferred to the digital environment and the personnel are guided step by step with 3D models.

3D Modeling

We provide end-to-end services for creating 3D models of machinery and equipment and implementing scenarios.

Process Efficiency

We shorten the quality and approval processes by taking images from the field at every step of the staff. In this way, we guarantee that the product produced is 100% quality.

Personnel Orientation

Our Master-Apprentice application is activated whenever the personnel need it, and we provide the opportunity to intervene in the problem as if we were on the field with Augmented Reality materials.

IoT Device Integration

We can integrate all IoT devices used in production processes into our Augmented Reality application. In this way, we ensure that the personnel perform the process by applying which device and how they will use it without any approval.

Recording and Review

We instantly record all transactions made by the staff by recording or connection from the field. We present a detailed reporting screen for the problem or experience transfer that may occur later.

Our Application Videos

Below you can find the videos of the sample applications we are sticking to.

Based on our videos, you can easily implement the Augmented Reality applications of your processes.

Contact us for all these and more.


Can we do Augmented Reality Applications within the company ourselves?

Yes, you can create 3D scenarios of your new machine maintenance or assembly applications with the Augmented Reality Editor and instantly send them to the mobile device of your relevant personnel.

Which devices does the application run on?

Our Augmented Reality applications work independently of the platform. You can easily use it mutually on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Augmented Reality Glasses.

How can I buy the application?

We have many options for Augmented Reality application sales models. Please contact us from the contact section and we can determine the most suitable sales model for you.