Augmented Reality- Simovate AR

With increased Reality Solutions, Simsoft is developing customer-specific applications. With SIMOVATE AR module, it delivers the best user experience with unparalleled high image quality and user-friendly interface. These applications, combined with increased reality glasses or tablets/phones, can be customized to meet the needs of customers from different industries. Augmented reality solutions can be easily used in any environment via mobile devices. 

Using augmented reality technology, we perform virtual maintenance trainings, router tablet trainings and routing applications with remote connections. With SIMOVATE AR module, we offer end-to-end solutions integrated into our own information systems according to customers ' requests.

You can find demo videos of our maintenance applications with augmented reality below.

Simovate - Maintenance with Augmented Reality-1

Simovate - Predictive Maintenance with Augmented Reality

Simovate - Maintenance with Augmented Reality-2

Simovate - Predictive Maintenance with Augmented Reality