Remote support

System with AR

You can increase your productivity with immediate intervention to problems.


With Remote Support System to the problems

Instant Solution!

Quickly solve problems as if you were on the field, no matter how far you are with B-Chat

  • Works flawlessly on all platforms

  • Real time video experience

  • Approval process min. lower to level

  • Provide cost advantage

What do we make it easy for you?

You can get support from experts without transportation and transfer costs. You can perform maintenance and repair operations on your machines without stopping. For a low price

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Digitalize Maintenance

Instead of all written instructions, get support from experts. Take an important step so that your own staff can do your next maintenance.

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Customer Support

Did you know that you can support your customers remotely? With B-Chat, you can minimize your transportation costs. Provide full support to your customers.

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Project management

Be with your staff on the field as if you were on the field. Conduct meetings and speed up the approval process. Make sure the project management is in progress.

Sustainable Expertise

Enable collaboration within the team. Intervene in faults without stopping the machine by making expertise sustainable.

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Process improvement

Perform internal maintenance processes by reducing external dependency. Perform all care with the help of experts.

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Expert Support

You are not alone anymore. When your machines fail, find the most suitable personnel for the issue and help you. It's all that simple.

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Take your processes to the next level.